Notifications 0.2.0+

Notifications are a way to keep your users/customers notified with any Incidents update your System may have. Viewers of your Status Page can access the Choices bellow by clicking the Subscribe button.

Most of these Notifications Features are enabled by default but you can disable them in your config file. More info here.

Atom and RSS Feeds 0.2.0+

These feeds include all past Incidents and Scheduled Maintenances. Your users/customers can use Feeds Readers or tools like IFTT and Zapier to recieve updates from these feeds.

iCalendar 0.2.0+

Your users/customers can subscribe to a calendar containing all of your upcoming and past Scheduled Maintenances. The calendar is published using iCalendar, a popular format which is supported by most modern calendar applications.

These are the events that are included in the Calendar:

  • All active and completed Scheduled Maintenances.
  • All upcoming Scheduled Maintenances.

Twitter 0.2.0+

Currently, with this option, you can define Twitter accounts that your users can access in order to receive updates.

Support Site 0.2.0+

Define an external Support Site your users can access in order to receive updates from other sources you may want to provide.